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Rummy dappGame

Rummy is a card game which is spread all over the world. This game has taken the whole world of card games by storm. We are offering Here come the Image of the Gamevarious forms like tournament, winning people can get the Token in a geninue way. Rummy comes with the such kind of games such as knockout rummy , pool/syndicate rummy and points/strikes rummy tournaments. READMORE

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Empires Battle

In this revolutionary game, players can buy weapons and land, while trading kings to elevate the experience even more. Land will be available from the Virtual Real Estate Platform: it will be possible to use it as an in-game asset, or to design 3D models o f buildings later. On the other hand, kings and weapons will be tradeable on NexonNFT Games Store, taking advantage of the fact that every king is slightly different from others in the game. READMORE

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